FEM consulting Ltd was founded in 1992, but a team of workers who founded it, worked on the research and development of FEM programs for many years before, at the computing center DOPRAVOPROJEKT Brno. Team leaders were Prof. Ing. Dr. V. Kolář, DrSc. and Ing. I. Němec, CSc., who later became director of the FEM consulting Ltd. The company specializes at research and development of software systems for solving structures using finite element method. In the past, the basic product of the system NE-XX (NE letters are the first two letters of the last name of the main author). This product has become very successful on the domestic market and soon after its launch in 1975 have gained market leadership. It was also exported to many other countries. Later on, it distributed in Europe under the name of SCIA ESA NEX. This product was completely developed by FEM consulting for DOS operating system including a graphical user interface. In 1996 FEM consulting Ltd coupled with IDA MOSTY Ltd to develop a new FEM system for Windows operating system. The system was called NEXIS. In this system, FEM consulting Ltd developed a mesh generator and FEM solver. The graphical environment, large set of dialogues and post-processing routines  were developed by IDA MOSTY s.r.o. This system was distributed in Europe under the name ESA Prima Win (EPW). It gained a significant market share in many European countries, sometimes even dominant position. For example, in the Netherlands, the system was so popular that users created fan clubs of EPW. EPW even founded the way to the far east region market (China and South Korea). In addition, FEM consulting Ltd also develops FEM solver for some other systems. In the Czech Republic, it is a system called RENEX, working under Autodesk AutoCAD. In German, it is a program called RFEM which is developed together with the German company Dlubal and also distributed in Germany by this company. Program RFEM is now also avaible in the Czech Republic. Since 1998, the company focuses exclusively at research and development of FEM computational cores including its own mesh generator. In 2001, the company has established closer cooperation with the faculty of Civil Engineering of BUT. This cooperation was initiated by the leadership of the BUT faculty and today, FEM consulting Ltd has a registered office in the office building of the faculty, at the Institute of Structural Mechanics. This should open the door to extended cooperation between FEM consulting Ltd and the civil engineering faculty in the future. The future of FEM consulting Ltd is linked to companies Nemetschek Scia (Scia Engineer) and Dlubal (RFEM). These software have a FEM calculation core from FEM consulting Ltd. Both of these programs occupy an important place on the European market. FEM consulting Ltd ensures that the performance and functionality of the FEM solvers will be still world-class, as they are today.